On The Shop: SK and Company Vintage 1980s Hot Pink Blazer

Happy autumn, loves! We've been into the fall season for a month now, but it's still a bit warm here in Chicago (ironically). Warm weather doesn't stop us from dressing our best for autumn! One of the best things about autumn fashion is blazers! Blazers literally go with any outfit for any occasion.

One of our favorite autumn blazers from the KLTVR shop is this 1980's SK & Company vintage blazer. This beauty stands out and proud during autumn with the bold hot pink color. It's great to switch it up instead of wearing the typical orange, brown, green, and greys during autumn.

Get the blazer here.

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  1. wow this hot pink blazer looks like a dream come true for me. Maybe I'll ask for it this Christmas. Imagining matching accessory options already.



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